About Me

It's taken me several months to put together an "About Me" page. The only reason I can determine for this is that until recently I would have been hard-pressed to say who I am.

So here goes a first attempt; I am:

a woman no longer driven by the need to drink, but instead, the need to recover
a mother to two beautiful daughters, who I hope develop into self-confident women
a writer

Now for the boring biographical details:
I started my career in academics, leaving it for a job as an analyst for a high tech firm. Since then, nearly by accident, I've been a project manager for software development firms. I've lived in various cities: Edmonton, Windsor, Toronto, London, San Francisco and Calgary. Most of my pursuits are of the solitary kind: hiking, cross-country skiing, yoga, reading, and knitting. We have a dog, a cat and two fish...oh and a station wagon... I'm slowly coming to terms with how suburban all of that sounds.

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I love to hear from you - please leave comments, as I always read them. Or feel free to email me.
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